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Dry (non Lubricated) Vacuum Pumps

VTS Range of Dry running Rotary Vane vacuum pumps

These lubrication-free rotary vane vacuum pumps have a suction flow rate of 2 and 40 m3/h. The particular shape of the working chamber and the special graphite, with which the locking flanges and vanes are made, allow these pumps to operate with no lubrication.

The rotor is cantilevered-fitted on the motor shaft, thus reducing overall dimensions to the minimum. The motor and the pump are cooled by the motor fan (surface cooling).
A filter that functions as a silencer is installed on the suction inlet.
We strongly recommend installing a filter on the suction inlet against possible impurities.

These pumps are not recommended when the fluid to be sucked contains water or oil vapours or condensations.

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