Vacuum Instruments

Vacuum Instruments - Vacuum Instruments include items to control or display vacuum such as :

  • vacuum regulators
  • vacuum pressure switches
  • vacuum gauges.

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  • 12 05 11 P Digital vacuum switch

    12 05 11 P Vacuum Switch

      Micro digital vacuum switches If accurately calibrated and compensated for temperatures, these small devices are able to give very precise digital signals to the set maximum measuring value.The switching point, which is within the...

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  • 04 03 10

    04 03 10

    When these valves reach a certain pre-calibrated vacuum degree, they introduce atmospheric air into the circuit to prevent the increase of the set value and to keep it constant. They can be used as regulators only on circuits having only one vacuum pump...

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  • 12 30 10 Digital vacuum Switch

    12 30 10 Digital Vacuum Switch

    DIGITAL VACUUM SWITCHES 12 30 10  Vacuum connection Vacuum connection M8 - 4 pin connection Changes the shape of these digital vacuum switches with respect to those previously described, from cylindrical to parallel piped. However, the container...

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  • Vacuum Cylinders 25 05 10 - 25 15 10 - 25

    Vacuum Cylinders

    The cylinders described in this page are vacuum operated. By creating vacuum in the cylinder front chamber, the stem, which is solidly connected to the piston, comes out overcoming the opposing spring force. The piston is pushed by the air at atmospheric...

    £140.75 - £329.89
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  • Pneumatic vacuum switch 12 03 30 (Also part of the ES 01 & ES02 Energy Saving Kit)

    Pneumatic Vacuum Switch

    Mini pneumatic vacuum switches These extremely compact vacuum switches give or remove a pneumatic signal, depending on the model, when a certain adjustable level of vacuum is reached.The pressure differential existing between the set maximum value...

    £154.47 - £160.68
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  • Digital Vacuum Pressure switch 12 10 10

    Digital Vacuum Switch

    Digital vacuum and pressure switches These compact and extremely light digital vacuum and pressure switches are enclosed in a sturdy ABS casing. These features allow installation on the machine and close to the application. These digital...

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  • Small Vacuum Switch

    Small Vacuum Switch

    MINI ELECTROMECHANICAL VACUUM SWITCH This extremely compact vacuum switch gives an electric signal when a certain adjustable level of vacuum is reached. The pressure differential existing between the set maximum value and the value of reset of the...

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  • Vacuum Gauge

    40mm Rear Mounted Vacuum Gauge

    Vacuum and pressure gauges The measurement method of our vacuum gauges is based on the principle of the Bourdon spring (Eugène Bourdon, France, 1808–1884). It is made using section tubes in special copper alloy, one end is welded to the...

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