Vacuum Technologies are main partners of VUOTOTECNICA and provide specialised technical support on vacuum products & applications.



With a combined 40 years of Vacuum know how ensures our customers receive the correct information, products & support for their production.

VUOTOTECNICA - Vuototecnica's philosophy is to provide a complete solution to specific needs rather than sell from a catalogue and boast on the the most comprehensive product ranges in Europe.

Our products include:

  • Vacuum Cups - All type, shapes and materials are available.
  • Vacuum Cup Holders/Compensators - Holder & Commentators are an effective addition to a smooth and reliable operation.
  • Vacuum Regulation & Control - Vacuum regulators, gauges and vacuum switches
  • Vacuum Valves - Available in 2-way, 3-way up to 3" full bore ports as well as vacuum relief valves or flow control.
  • Vacuum Filters - Filters available for particulate removal. wet application of heavy dust contamination.
  • Vacuum Fittings & Tube - A full rage of fittings, tube and vacuum hose from 1/4" up to 3" ID
  • Vacuum Pumps - Vacuum pumps include Dry rotary vane, lubricated rotary vane, Oil Loss for contaminated processes, DC, Membrane and mini vacuum pumps all at very competitive prices.
  • Vacuum Pump Sets - All vacuum pumps are available with the option for receiver mounting with electronic control.
  • Vacuum Generators - Vuototecnica have one of the largest ranges of vacuum venturi products with single-stage, multi-stage options as well a multi function with modular assembly, in-line & conveying products.
  • Vacuum Gripper / Vacuum Lifting - Accommodating all applications and end of arm (EOA) tooling requirements.
  • Special Vacuum Products - For vacuum packing, printing machines and vacuum priming.

 Whatever your application you can be sure that Vacuum technologies has the answer and are ready to assist.