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Vacuum De-Gassing Units

  • ATS Vacuum Test Chamber

    ATS - Vacuum Testing / De-Gassing Unit

    Electric equipment for vacuum test These devices have been created for testing the weldings and, therefore, the sealing of cellophane or PVC wrappings for food products.In fact, the wrapping placed inside a bell jar tends to inflate because of the...

    £2,057.03 - £3,287.88
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  • DR Vacuum De Gassing Set

    DR - Vacuum Testing / De-Gassing Unit

      Degasifiers The function of degasifiers is to suck the air bubbles that remain in the synthetic resin or composite material mixes and in silicon or similar compounds during their preparation. The presence of bubbles, in fact causes a...

    £4,913.27 - £6,837.09
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  • SALE
    DR Vacuum Integrity testing device

    DR Vacuum De Gassing Chamber (mobile)

    (Mobile) DR Vacuum De Gassing Test System This system has been designed for allowing resin vacuum infusion moulding and composite fibre vacuum forming. The system is composed of: - transparent methacrylate lid that can be manually removed. - An...

    £5,540.00 - £5,885.00
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