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Vacuum Venturi Generator Conveyors

  • CX Vacuum Jet / Vacuum Conveyor

    CX - Vacuum Venturi Conveyor

      Flow generators vacuum jet cx 7 and cx 10 Working principle The compressed air supply blown into a ring chamber concentric to the device, flows at a very high speed towards the centre of the main pipe, thus forming a cyclonic effect...

    £168.61 - £487.28
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  • PVR Adjustable Vacuum Jet / Vacuum Conveyor

    PVR - Adjustable Vacuum Venturi Conveyor

      Adjustable vacuum generators conveyor pvr 25 and pvr 50 Working principle The operation of these vacuum generators is based on the Venturi principle. Unlike the previous ones, the ejector, apart from having a much larger flow...

    £269.77 - £404.66
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