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Vacuum Regulators

  • Vacuum Regulators

    Vacuum Regulators

    Vacuum regulators Vacuum regulators are used to adjust the pre-set vacuum level, keeping it constant (secondary vacuum), regardless of the capacity and the oscillations of the network vacuum level (primary vacuum). Their operation is with a...

    £224.92 - £683.57
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  • Vacuum Regulators for low vacuum applications between 980 and 1 mbara

    Vacuum Regulators for Low (Deep) Vacuum

    Regulators for low vacuum levels The regulators described in this page are based on the same operation principle as the ones described in the previous page and have the same function. The only difference is that in these ones the minimum adjustable...

    £543.38 - £741.88
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  • Vacuum Regulators with pneumatic adjustement

    Vacuum Regulators with Pneumatic Adjustment

    Vacuum regulators with pneumatic adjustment Vacuum regulators with pneumatic adjustment differ from the previous ones for the way they adjust the vacuum level; in fact, instead of acting manually on the adjustment screw, it is necessary to act...

    £314.52 - £871.62
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  • SALE
    Vacuum Relief/Adjustment valves

    Vacuum Relief Valves

    Vacuum adjustment valves When these valves reach a certain pre-calibrated vacuum degree, they introduce atmospheric air into the circuit to prevent the increase of the set value and to keep it constant. They can be used as regulators only on...

    £41.14 - £58.52
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