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Vacuum Pressure Switches

  • 12 30 10 Digital vacuum Switch

    12 30 10 Digital Vacuum Switch

    DIGITAL VACUUM SWITCHES 12 30 10  Vacuum connection Vacuum connection M8 - 4 pin connection Changes the shape of these digital vacuum switches with respect to those previously described, from cylindrical to parallel piped. However, the container...

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    Combination Pressure & Vacuum Switch

    Electromechanical vacuum - pressure switches The vacuum - pressure switches of the 836 series are compact, sturdy and accurate units that can be adapted to many applications. The feature of the control is a quick tripping precision micro switch,...

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    Now: £316.97
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  • Digital Vacuum Pressure switch 12 10 10

    Digital Vacuum Switch

    Digital vacuum and pressure switches These compact and extremely light digital vacuum and pressure switches are enclosed in a sturdy ABS casing. These features allow installation on the machine and close to the application. These digital...

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  • Pneumatic vacuum switch

    Pneumatic Vacuum Switch

    Art. 12 01 30• Adjustment range: from 930 mbar to 50 mbar (a).• Fixed differential: 70 mbar.• Repeatability: ± 5 mbar.• Signal: normally closed, on commutation.• Supply pressure: 2 ÷ 8 bar (g).• Microvalve...

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  • Small Vacuum Switch

    Mini electromechanical vacuum switches These vacuum switches feature reduced overall dimensions and give an electric signal when a certain adjustable vacuum level is reached. The pressure differential existing between the set maximum value and...

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